Seyed Roohollah Hassani

Cultural Engineer


Netizenship and Cultural Identity Challenge

With the advancement of virtual social networks technologies and applications; network citizens or netizens construct an emerging new cultural identity.

The participant’s identity in these networks is either convergent or non-convergent to the local or global culture. In the bigger framework of globalization we are going to investigate and discuss how different cultures converge to produce a macro-culture unique to cyberspace world. The cultural aspects of digital virtual cultures intimidate the traditional framework of cultural identities and lead to an emerging cyberspace culture borrowing the indicators of each existing unique cultures and diffusing it into the new cyberspace culture.

In the future globalized world netizens will play a crucial role in the total infrastructure of virtual world that in return will undermine the existing socio-cultural framework of our world.

The interdisplinary field of cultural engineering will be helpful in the analysis of the cultural identities of the netizens who will be the participants of the future digital networks.